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Making the Digital Connection in 7 Steps

If you have the desire to stay connected to your family, friends and the rest of the world, plus you have the willingness to learn how to use new communication tools, then here is what you’ll need to get started:

  1. ISP: An Internet Service Provider rents you the wire or cable and the modem to connect your computer and other devices to the Internet.
  2. Wireless Router: Allows you to broadcast a wireless Wi-Fi network signal within your home so you are not tethered to wires when using your digital devices.
  3. Digital Device(s): desk or laptop computer (e.g. iMac or MacBook Pro), tablet computer (e.g. iPad), smart phone (e.g. iPhone), pocket computer without phone (e.g. iPod Touch), eBook Reader (e.g. Amazon Kindle), online media connection for your TV (e.g. Apple TV).
  4. Extended Technical Support and Parts Warranty: An essential investment for answering your usage questions and fixing or replacing a defective device (e.g. AppleCare).
  5. Printer: Inkjet or laser printer, wired or wireless.
  6. Online Accounts: For your device manufacturer and their store for downloading content such as music, applications, movies, etc. (e.g. iTunes) and a large online store for ordering digital content such eBooks, and physical merchandise such as appliances and clothes, (e.g. Amazon.com)
  7. Training: Learn to make full use of your new computer or digital device with free or inexpensive training, (e.g. One-to-One at your local Apple Store).

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Article by Paul Otterness. Paul wrote about the Apple iPad in the January 2014 issue of Gleams, and the iPhone (High Tech for Low Vision) and accessibility features of Mac computers in Volume 27 of Gleams. Email Paul Otterness
First posted April 14, 2014

Last reviewed on June 11, 2021

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