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The Shaffer Fund for Innovative Glaucoma Research

Glaucoma affects an estimated 67 million people worldwide. The Glaucoma Research Foundation supports new, novel and high-impact clinical, epidemiological and laboratory research.

The projects we choose to fund target one or more of our strategic research goals, with an emphasis on collaborative pilot projects. For over 30 years, the Glaucoma Research Foundation has funded innovative research. And we will continue to lead the way in research until a cure is found.

Strategic Goals for Funding High-Impact Research

Our strategic research goals are: to protect and restore the optic nerve, to accurately detect glaucoma and monitor its progression, to find the genes that cause glaucoma, to understand intraocular pressure and develop better treatments, and to determine the risk factors for glaucoma damage.

An esteemed group of Scientific Advisors evaluates all grant applications and determines which projects the Glaucoma Research Foundation will fund each year. All of our scientific advisors volunteer their time and expertise, helping to ensure that the Foundation invests in the most promising research in the fight against glaucoma.

Core Values

In addition to our strategic goals, a set of core values serves to guide the grant selection process. Projects we fund will reflect these core values in the following areas:

  • Involve people with glaucoma in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs;
  • Encourage collaboration among experts in diverse fields of study;
  • Communicate research goals and results to the scientific community and the public;
  • Ensure that new glaucoma treatments maintain or improve individuals’ quality of life;
  • Encourage innovative clinical trial studies and laboratory research;
  • Develop models of glaucoma to support research studies;
  • Encourage physician-scientists to advance glaucoma research.

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Last reviewed on October 29, 2017

This article appeared in the September 2010 issue of Gleams.


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