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Dr. Monica Vetter on the Need to Support Research

Monica Vetter, PhD - Excerpt from the Catalyst For a Cure 2010 Science Presentation in San Francisco

Video Transcript

Monica Vetter: There is really a need to increase the level of support for glaucoma research, because it really takes this kind of support to make a difference and see progress.

And that’s why funding from the Glaucoma Research Foundation has made such a tremendous difference. It has brought new people into the field, really catalyzed new initiatives and new ideas, and has been able to stimulate a lot of interesting and important new directions in glaucoma research.
We want to continue being the catalyst for change in glaucoma research, and be the glue that binds the committed public with the dedicated researchers working to find a cure. With your involvement, and your generous donations, we can come together to improve vision, improve lives, and improve the future for everyone affected by glaucoma.

Last reviewed on January 16, 2018

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