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Focus on Dr. Anna La Torre's Laboratory at UC Davis

Dr. La Torre’s laboratory focuses on generating retinal ganglion cells from stem cells to enhance axonal growth and cell survival and ultimately, to use these cells as donor cells for cell replacement therapies.

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Seeing the Future: Longevity Research and Glaucoma (Video)

The 2020 Weston Lecture featured a talk by world-renowned Harvard Medical School genetics researcher and best-selling author David Sinclair, PhD, AO.

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Retinal Ganglion Cell Replacement: One Step Closer to Vision Restoration (Video)

This recorded 45-minute webinar features a presentation from Anna La Torre, PhD, a principal investigator in the Catalyst for a Cure research consortium.

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Catalyst for a Cure: The Research Collaboration Continues

The Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Team report on their latest challenges and progress to date.

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Video: Anna La Torre, PhD on Restoring Vision in Glaucoma

In this video interview, Anna La Torre, PhD discusses the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative funded by Glaucoma Research Foundation.

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Catalyst for a Cure Research Progress Report (Video)

The goal of the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative is to come up with a novel strategy to save or replace lost retinal nerve cells and reconnect them to the brain.

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2020 Research Grants

Glaucoma Research Foundation awards annual research grants for creative pilot projects that hold promise.

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Video: The 2020 Shaffer Prize for Innovative Glaucoma Research

The Shaffer Prize, presented annually by Glaucoma Research Foundation during their annual Glaucoma 360 Gala, recognizes a researcher whose project best exemplifies the pursuit of innovative ideas in the quest to better understand glaucoma.

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2019 Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture by Terri Pickering, MD

Dr. Pickering delivered the Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture “A New Era for Glaucoma” October 22, 2019 in Palo Alto, California.

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Video: Catalyst for a Cure 2020 Research Progress Report

Glaucoma Research Foundation launched the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative to better understand what causes vision loss in glaucoma and then to identify targeted interventions.

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