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I have to use my eye drops twice a day. Must I use them at the exact time each day? What if I forget to take them?

It is important to make your glaucoma medications a part of your daily routine. Eye drops do not have to be instilled at the exact time every day, or exactly 12 hours apart.

Most patients plan their eye drops at a time that closely approximates what the prescription indicates, but around a daily event such as getting out of bed, brushing their teeth or after breakfast. This ensures that the eye drops are remembered. The exact time of instillation is less important.

If you forget to take a dose of your medication, it is best to instill the drop as soon as you think of it, even if the next dose is due shortly. If you forget to take one dose of your eye drops it will rarely harm the eye. The important factor in using medications for glaucoma is consistency over a long period of time.

Last reviewed on April 14, 2011

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