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Can working on the computer affect my glaucoma?

The main concern regarding computers is the potential for glare and its effect on the glaucoma patient.

To avoid glare you can use a monitor filter or choose a display with an anti-glare matte screen. Also, don't have your monitor face a window. Light coming in a window interferes with the light on the monitor, especially if you have contrast problems.

Older CRT computer monitors can be more stressful to the eyes than flat-screen displays.

Office lighting can also create problems with glare. Fluorescent lighting, of all available light types, produces the most glare while Full Spectrum light bulbs create less glare. A pharmacy light aimed over the shoulder of the non-dominant hand can help. Altering the color of the carpet, desk, or walls can also make a difference

Tinted lenses can be used to lessen the effects of some of these problems.

Last reviewed on October 29, 2017

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