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Pravin Chauhan's Tale of Two Brothers

Pravin Chauhan:
Pravin Chauhan: "I'm grateful for the sight that I still have"

Pravin Chauhan was born in a small, underdeveloped village in India. In 1991, his left eye was injured during a village sports competition.

Pravin's parents took him to Gandhi Eye Hospital Aligarh, one of the best eye hospitals in north India at the time, where he underwent multiple surgeries on his left eye.

In 2009, Pravin's younger brother got injured in a car accident. Doctors were able to save his brother's life, but not the vision of his left eye. After diagnosis it was found that the optic nerve in his brother's left eye was damaged in the accident, making him a glaucoma patient.

Pravin Chauhan: A few months after my brother's accident, I felt irritation in my injured eye and I decided to visit an eye specialist. I went to the Centre for Sight and found that now I also have glaucoma.

This was a shocking coincidence for me. My brother and I have both lost most of the vision in our left eye and now we both have glaucoma and are on regular treatment.

I try not to let anyone know the differences in my life due to my vision loss, but there are some situations where I have to compromise, especially in sports. Being unable to judge the right depth or the distance, I can't participate in my favorite games such as cricket, table tennis, and badminton.

However, I keep my morale high, and I'm grateful for the sight that I still have. I’m very optimistic and hope that one day scientists and doctors will be able to find the cure.


Pravin S. Chauhan lives in Haryana, India, where he works at a multi-national indo-American company managing a team of 25 executives. He is a regular visitor to the eye clinic, and he advises others to protect their eyes by going for regular check-ups.

Last reviewed on March 05, 2011

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