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My Glaucoma Story: Marilyn Rogers (Video)

"It seems like people should really get a specialist as soon as they know they have glaucoma." Marilyn Rogers has lived with glaucoma for many years. Her glaucoma has been controlled by medications and a recent surgery, thanks to her eye doctor who specializes in glaucoma treatment.

Marilyn Rogers: My Glaucoma Story from Glaucoma Research on Vimeo.

We interviewed Marilyn Rogers at our first annual Glaucoma Patient Summit in San Francisco, March 2019.

Video Transcript

Marilyn Rogers: I'm Marilyn Rogers, and I live in Los Altos, California.

When did you find out you had glaucoma?

Well, it's been years. When I lived in New York, I had an eye doctor and I guess I went to him just for a glasses prescription, and then eventually contact lenses. But he told me that he thought I was getting glaucoma. It wasn't really, I think until I moved to California. I've been here about 20 years. And long after I got here, I continued to see an eye doctor. And, big mistake, I found out today hearing Dr. Williams talk, was that I didn't get a specialist right off the bat. He says my optic nerve doesn't look fantastic. And I was thinking today, listening to everybody that I think that if I had a specialist in the beginning, maybe the optic nerve wouldn't be as bad as it apparently is, according to him.

I was always just treated with eye drops, which changed over time. Last March, a year ago, Dr. Williams decided he didn't like the eye pressure in my left eye. And so he said he was going to do surgery, which didn't excite me. But he said, "Don't worry. We do this all the time." And so, I don't remember what it's called, but he put a little minute hole in my eye. And he said that would lower the pressure. And since last year when I've gone to him for my checkup, my pressure has stayed at, like, six. And it was, like, 19. 18 usually, but I think it went up to 19 and then he didn't like that. And that worked out great. I was nervous, of course, before I had it done. But once I got to the hospital, they made me feel really relaxed.

Well, first I must say, I've never really been worried about having glaucoma. I don't know whether it's just the way I accept things that occur in my life. That it was just, I knew I was taken care of. And I relied on my doctor, whoever it was at the time. And I didn't really worry about it. And drops seemed to be taking care of it for years. I do think that I should've had a specialist in the beginning, like Dr. Williams was saying. It's a good idea. Because I think maybe early on, my optic nerve would have been noticed to be having a problem. And he tells me that there's a problem with the optic nerve in one of my eyes. Nothing needs to be done with it yet. He just keeps doing all the tests. But now that I'm hearing everybody speak [at the Glaucoma Patient Summit], it seems like people should really get a specialist as soon as they know they have glaucoma.

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Last reviewed on April 21, 2020

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