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Michelle McMillan: Raising Awareness

Michelle McMillan graduated from Spelman College in 2006. She hopes to specialize in family and divorce law.

She is especially concerned with the rights of children in foster care, children’s emancipation, and family issues that emerge from divorce.

Michelle was 17 when she was diagnosed with glaucoma. With a family history of glaucoma, Michelle was a prime candidate for the disease. Currently her treatment consists of daily eye drops.

On April 26, 2004 GRF received a letter from Michelle. The letter was one of three written for Freshman English Composition. Her instructor wanted students to research areas of significance to them, and write letters to organizations/companies that dealt with those topics.

Michelle admits that GRF was the only organization to respond to her. Michelle’s letter challenged GRF: “What can be done to educate other African Americans about the seriousness of glaucoma and how it is the leading cause of blindness among them?” GRF responded by forming the HBCU Glaucoma Awareness Initiative.

Michelle has also answered her challenge. When talking with her friends and classmates, she says: “Get tested. Know your situation and risks. It’s that simple.”

Michelle is a native of Portsmouth, VA. Her family church, The Third Baptist Church of Portsmouth is a founding member of the HBCU Glaucoma Awareness Initiative and a member of the Catalyst Circle.

Last reviewed on October 29, 2017

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