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My Glaucoma Story: Finding the Path from Patient to Vision Advocate

Trinh Green has faced many vision challenges in her life. But that hasn’t discouraged her. Instead, it’s inspired Trinh to become a vision advocate.

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My Glaucoma Story: Rebecca Vilendrer

Rebecca talks about her experiences with glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, and why she supports Glaucoma Research Foundation in our search for a cure.

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Personal Story: Hannah Eckstein

Hannah was diagnosed with glaucoma just a few months after she was born. Now she is 17 and starting college. She talks about her struggles with glaucoma and why she supports Glaucoma Research Foundation in our search for a cure.

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Personal Story: Igor Leal

Igor Leal is a talented singer-songwriter living with glaucoma.

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Vision Advocate: Jerrold Keilson

When Jerrold was diagnosed with glaucoma more than 10 years ago, he wanted to raise awareness and support research toward a cure.

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Judy Huang: My Glaucoma Story

Diagnosed with glaucoma at a relatively young age, Judy's message is to work with your doctor to treat glaucoma before losing vision.

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Janette Marquez Personal Story (Video)

Janette is legally blind from congenital glaucoma, and although she was visually challenged due to her glaucoma from a young age, Janette showed special promise with her musical skills.

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Personal Story: Juanita Herrera

Juanita Herrera has been blind due to complications of congenital glaucoma since she was three years old, but her her hope and optimism are uplifting.

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Video: Amanda Eddy on Living with Glaucoma

We talked to Amanda Eddy at our Annual Gala, where Amanda participated in the evening program by telling her personal glaucoma story.

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Dr. Andrew Huberman: Curing Blindness is "A Call to Arms" (Video)

Dr. Andrew Huberman is fascinated by vision as a property of the brain, and he is dedicated to finding new ways to prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

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