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Amie Price, Volunteer for the Cause

Amie's grandmother had glaucoma, so our mission to preserve vision holds special meaning for her.

Originally from London, Amie Price was inspired to volunteer during her time in San Francisco because she wanted to give something back to her community.

One afternoon in our office, we pulled Amie away from her computer workstation to ask her some questions about what inspired her to volunteer with the Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Video Transcript

Amie Price: I recently moved to San Francisco and was looking for volunteer positions. My grandma had glaucoma, and when I researched glaucoma on the volunteer websites in San Francisco, the Glaucoma Research Foundation popped up.

At home I'm a management consultant, so I’ve got quite a lot of skills to offer. And in order to occupy my time whilst I was here, I wanted to give something back and volunteer for a number of charities — and also choose charities that are relevant to personal circumstances, so glaucoma was something that I was interested in.

I’ve worked for a number of small charities in the UK, and I think the Glaucoma Research Foundation Benefit was the biggest charity event I’ve ever been involved in. From talking to the people in the office initially I didn’t realize how big and grand it was going to be, and I think it was a fantastic event. A lot of hard work went into it and the night was extremely successful.

My main responsibility was to manage the registration desk. There’s a group of sorority ladies who volunteer every year on the registration desk. I helped them manage the registration desk ensuring that everything went smoothly and dealt with any problems that arose.

My name is Amie Price and I give permission to the Glaucoma Research Foundation to use my name and my voice.

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Last reviewed on January 16, 2018

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