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New Spanish Eye Health Website Launched

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has launched OjosSanos, a Spanish-language version of the EyeSmart website, to empower Hispanics/Latinos with trusted and accurate eye health information.

The effort is in response to ongoing research showing that Hispanics/Latinos have a high incidence of eye disease.

The Los Angeles Latino Eye Study was the first effort to track eye disease incidence among Hispanics/Latinos. The study found this population had higher rates of developing visual impairment, blindness, diabetic eye disease, and cataracts than non-Hispanic Whites.

The risk for glaucoma in Hispanics/Latinos was found to be four times higher than it is in Whites. Most importantly, the study found 75 percent of the Hispanics/Latinos with glaucoma were unaware of their eye disease, and almost half of all Latinos with diabetes had diabetic retinopathy.

To learn more about this new Spanish-language website, visit www.ojossanos.org.

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Last reviewed on October 29, 2017

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