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Glaucoma 360: 5th Annual New Horizons Forum

More than 20 companies presented their newest developments at the 2015 New Horizons Forum
More than 20 companies presented their newest developments at the 2015 New Horizons Forum

Clinicians, entrepreneurs, the FDA and leaders in finance and industry will gather for the 5th Annual Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum in San Francisco on January 29, 2016.

Hosted by Glaucoma Research Foundation, this annual meeting provides a unique collaborative exchange on the newest advances in glaucoma.

Co-founded by Adrienne Graves, PhD, a member of the Glaucoma Research Foundation board and Andrew G. Iwach, MD, director of the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco and chairman of the Foundation’s board, the goal of the meeting is to highlight innovations in glaucoma and unite the various elements needed to bring a new idea into clinical use.


“At New Horizons we have numerous companies presenting their new technologies and approaches to glaucoma care. At the same time, we have venture capitalists looking for their next investment opportunities, and the FDA is here to provide useful tools and advice to the innovators to help them take these new ideas into practice. Each year there have been significant new developments and we are anxious to learn more at our 2016 meeting” said Dr. Iwach.

Dr. Graves added, “Over the past four years, the New Horizons Forum has provided a unique venue to get everyone in the glaucoma space together to stimulate and facilitate key discussions and connections. It's another unique, innovate approach for the Glaucoma Research Foundation to serve as a catalyst in the development of new glaucoma therapies that will help patients preserve their vision.”

2016 Keynote Lecture


Richard A. Lewis, MD (Sacramento Eye Consultants) will deliver the Drs. Henry and Frederick Sutro Memorial Lecture to kick start a full day of presentations and industry panel discussions featuring innovations in glaucoma drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, and devices, as well as sessions focusing on working with the FDA and securing venture capital funding.

Glaucoma 360 Steering Committee member, Ruth Williams, MD stresses the importance of clinician participation at this type of meeting: “Attending the New Horizons Forum provides the opportunity to network with individuals who are committed to bringing new glaucoma therapies to our patients. Each year, I take away a great sense of hope and excitement about the future.”

Alan Crandall, MD, a member of Glaucoma 360’s Advisory Board noted the uniqueness of the New Horizons Forum: “This is the only meeting in glaucoma where you have the interaction with basic science, ophthalmology, industry, investors and the FDA - to learn what is coming both in the near and distant future for our patients. It is exciting to learn, sometimes for the first time, what new advances are in development. Glaucoma 360 attracts the who’s who in glaucoma and from my perspective is the most exciting meeting of the year.”

Glaucoma 360: Three Events with One Mission

The New Horizons Forum is the centerpiece of Glaucoma 360, Glaucoma Research Foundation’s signature three-day event which includes the Annual Gala on January 28th to benefit Glaucoma Research Foundation’s research and patient education programs. Glaucoma 360 closes on January 30th with the 20th Annual Glaucoma Symposium CME which highlights the latest advancements in glaucoma management, medications, and surgical techniques for practicing clinicians.

To learn more and register for the 5th Annual New Horizons Forum, visit: www.glaucoma360.org

Last reviewed on October 29, 2017

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