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Dr. Ruth Williams discusses Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum

In this short video, Ruth D. Williams, MD discusses Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum, an annual meeting presented by Glaucoma Research Foundation that is designed to speed the development of new therapies and diagnostics for glaucoma patients.

Video Transcript

Glaucoma Research Foundation - Glaucoma 360 New Horizons Forum

Ruth D. Williams, MD (Wheaton Eye Clinic) - New Horizons Forum is particularly unique because it is a space in the glaucoma world like none other. The meeting brings together scientists, researchers, academicians, clinical practitioners, investors, dreamers, and people who can make those dreams come to pass. There’s so much energy at this meeting.

The best part about Glaucoma 360 and New Horizons is the people who are here. These are people who have great ideas, who have the infrastructure to make things happen, who are passionate about what they do. And getting together with those people, mostly in the hallways, in between the sessions, is the best part.

The big goal is to find a cure for glaucoma. But to do that, we have to have practical ways of approaching it. And so New Horizons Forum brings those ideas to the forefront, helps us discuss them, but more importantly, talks about the challenges in implementing a new idea. So, things as diverse as - how do you get funding? How do you get something through the FDA? What do you do for payment? How do you get an idea to be implemented by a practitioner? A great idea doesn’t matter unless the practitioners are using it. And then finally, how to get the message out to the patients?

I would encourage any practitioner to come just to get excited about what we do. Taking care of glaucoma day in and day out can be very discouraging. But coming to New Horizons and Glaucoma 360 creates that sense of hope and excitement about the future.

Glaucoma Research Foundation - www.glaucoma360.org

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Ruth D. Williams, MD is a glaucoma specialist at the Wheaton Eye Clinic, an ophthalmology practice founded in 1942 that provides subspecialty eye care to more than 140,000 patients annually.

Last reviewed on February 10, 2020

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