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A Message from our President and CEO regarding COVID-19

Dear Friends,

Your health and well-being are on our minds as we all deal with a national and global emergency related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please know we are thinking of you and wishing you continued good health and speedy recovery if you should become ill.

Knowledge is a powerful remedy during uncertain times, and we’d like to share some frequently asked questions and answers from our glaucoma specialist advisors that may be helpful.

Please also browse our website: www.glaucoma.org for more information about glaucoma and eye health and safety.

1) Should my regular doctor visits be cancelled or postponed?

The short answer is “yes” unless you have unusual symptoms or an urgent need. Fortunately, most glaucoma patients’ regular checkup appointments are routine visits to make sure your vision is stable and your medications are maintaining your desired eye pressures. According to the latest information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology: “clinicians should postpone those outpatient visits and procedures that can be safely delayed, particularly in elderly patients and those with comorbidities.” If you have questions, call your doctor to be sure a delay is acceptable.

2) Should I have extra medications?

Again, short answer, “yes.” It’s always good to keep an extra supply of your regular medications in the event of an emergency whether illness, or a pandemic like now. Should you have to be hospitalized for any reason, having extra medications you can take with you will help you maintain your regular eye care to preserve your vision. Check with your pharmacy or eye doctor if you have difficulty obtaining an extra bottle of medication.

3) Should scheduled elective surgery be postponed?

Again, “yes.” Where surgery isn’t an emergency or urgently needed it should be postponed for two reasons. First, to avoid unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus, and second to preserve scarce supplies and hospital beds for those impacted directly by the pandemic.

While the current situation brings great uncertainty, following the latest guidelines for preventing disease transmission through isolation and cleanliness is expected to slow and ultimately end the spread of the disease.

The team at Glaucoma Research Foundation is working safely from our homes to continue to advance our mission to cure glaucoma and restore vision through innovative research and to provide information and education about glaucoma. Our goal of a world free from glaucoma is as important as ever while we encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions to preserve health and vision in the near term.

Please take your health and your vision seriously. Working together we’ll overcome the current pandemic and together we’ll advance research to cure glaucoma and restore vision.


Warm regards,

Thomas M. Brunner
President and CEO
Glaucoma Research Foundation
San Francisco, California

P.S. While our office is temporarily closed for the safety of staff, mail and messages will be answered as we work remotely to advance our mission. Stay healthy and browse our website for research updates and news.

Last reviewed on June 22, 2020

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