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The Harvey DuBiner, MD, Memorial

The Harvey DuBiner, MD, Memorial was established with an initial challenge gift of $15,000 from the Schacknow Family Foundation, with a goal to raise $50,000 for innovative glaucoma research.

These funds will support a Glaucoma Research Foundation Shaffer Grant to sponsor a young scientist who will follow down the path of Dr. DuBiner’s prolific research career in glaucoma.

Harvey Bruce DuBiner, MD, age 69, of Smyrna, GA, passed away at home on August 25, 2020, just a few weeks after being diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer. He received his MD degree at Chicago Medical School in 1979. Dr. DuBiner completed his medical training with an ophthalmology residency at Louisiana State University, New Orleans, in 1983, and a fellowship as a glaucoma specialist, with Thom Zimmerman, MD, PhD, in Louisville, KY, in 1988.

He served for 38 years as a glaucoma clinician and scientific researcher. Along with his beloved wife, Helen, a pharmacist, they completed over 250 clinical research studies, many of which led to the approval of medications and devices to treat ophthalmology patients.

His thoughtful attitude, medical training, and surgical skill preserved the eyesight of thousands of patients who came under his care. Harvey was adored by his family, friends, and colleagues. He was known for his patience, humor, mentoring skills, and kind, gentle nature.

We hope you will aid us to provide a glaucoma research legacy for Dr. DuBiner by making your tax-deductible donation below. Thank you for joining us in honoring Dr. Harvey DuBiner's memory with this meaningful tribute.

Donations in memory of Dr. Harvey DuBiner may be made online at glaucoma.org/donate.

Last reviewed on March 04, 2021

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