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The Cure is in Sight Campaign: Stories that Inspire 

The Wilmoth Family 

"As a parent of a child with glaucoma, my husband Charlie and I made a pledge to The Cure is in Sight Campaign because we believe a cure can be found in my son’s lifetime."
"Our investment provides hopes for an intervention that will keep his sight from getting worse - so he can see his kids play basketball and lacrosse and experience all the joy that we've had as parents."  

- Cathy Wilmoth
When Chris was just seven months old, his doctors diagnosed him with glaucoma. He is now 13 and although he has lost vision in one eye, he does not let the disease slow him down.

Matthew Tate

"This disease encroaches on our lives. It’s really scary. I wake up every day thinking, I hope I haven’t lost more vision."

"I keep hoping my eyes hold out until the cutting-edge research that is sponsored by Glaucoma Research Foundation finds a way to reverse vision loss. And I hope my kids never have to deal with this."

- Matthew Tate

Matthew was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 26. Now in his 40s, he is counting on Glaucoma Research Foundation to find a way to cure glaucoma and to prevent the disease in his three young children. 

Roberta Kameda

"Glaucoma Research Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of glaucoma patients and funding research to find a cure. My pledge to The Cure is in Sight Campaign is an investment in my daughter’s future without glaucoma."

- Roberta R.W. Kameda

Samantha was diagnosed with glaucoma in her first year of high school. Today, she is a recent college graduate and plans to continue her studies in psychology.

Mona Zander 

Board Member, Glaucoma Research Foundation
President, Mona and Ed Zander Family Foundation
"We are very excited about the progress and dedication of the Catalyst for a Cure team. Their research could have a major impact on glaucoma and other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. My family’s support of their work is very meaningful to us."

- Mona Zander

H. Dunbar Hoskins, Jr., MD 

Co-founder, Glaucoma Research Foundation
"When Bob Shaffer, Jack Hetherington, and I founded Glaucoma Research Foundation in 1978 through generous support from two of our patients, we wanted to encourage innovative research to find better ways to care for people with glaucoma." 
"I am proud to say we have accomplished much, but we have much more to do to eliminate this blinding disease. Glaucoma Research Foundation is positioned to get us there. I can’t think of a better place to invest."

- Dunbar Hoskins


We are inviting everyone to join us in our bold vision of a future free of glaucoma. Together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of people with glaucoma. Join us now to make a gift or become a fundraiser for Glaucoma Research Foundation.

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Last reviewed on February 28, 2020

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