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Innovative Research to Find a Cure

Thomas M. Brunner
Thomas M. Brunner

At Glaucoma Research Foundation, we share your sense of urgency to do all we can to speed the pace of discovery for a cure for glaucoma.

We provide opportunities to make everyone aware that early testing and treatment are the only ways to diagnose this disease and preserve vision.

Shaffer Grants

Over the years, we have invested over $40 million to advance knowledge about how glaucoma steals sight. Our Shaffer Grants provide seed funding for creative pilot research projects. These one-year awards of $40,000 help initiate promising research ideas. The scientific results allow the researcher to obtain larger, more competitive funding.

Catalyst For a Cure

Our Catalyst For a Cure (CFC) collaborative research consortium has brought important new ideas to the glaucoma field and has expanded knowledge of the mechanisms by which retinal ganglion cells are damaged and die in glaucoma. These key understandings are the first significant steps toward slowing or preventing the cell death process using targeted interventions to protect the optic nerve from glaucoma’s damage.

The degenerative process in glaucoma is very slow. Researchers are now thinking about how to delay disease progression and thereby preserve vision for a person’s lifetime. What’s important is that the CFC has shown that there are many changes in the retinal ganglion cell akin to what is seen in other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

We hope you continue to be encouraged by our work. Your contributions make possible all of our research and educational programs. The research that you fund can literally help glaucoma patients throughout the world.

Thomas M. Brunner
President and CEO

Last reviewed on March 03, 2011

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