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Host a Fundraiser

Here are some helpful ideas for creating a personal fundraising campaign or organizing a successful fundraising event to benefit Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Start Your Own Personal Fundraiser

Starting your own online fundraiser is a great way to help promote sight-saving research to find a cure. Involve your friends — and their friends — to help spread the word and speed the cure for glaucoma. It's fun and easy to get started creating your own fundraising campaign.

Become a Fundraiser and inspire others to give. Click here to get started »

Interested? Here are some tips for starting your online fundraiser »

Host a Fundraising Event

Details First

First, decide on the type of event you’d like to host. Here are some ideas: download a list of ideas »

Next, determine your budget, goal, scope, date, time, and any supplies you might need for the event.

Fill Us In!

Provide the details of your event by completing an Application and the Liability Release Form, and we will contact you with approval within one week of submission. Upon approval of your event, we will send you our logo to be used for invitations or other communication and a tax letter stating you are an official Glaucoma Research Foundation (GRF) fundraiser and that proceeds from your event will be sent to our foundation.

You may also find it helpful to have our GRF Information Sheet on hand at your event for those interested in learning more about glaucoma and GRF. We are happy to provide brochures, pamphlets, and other informational materials promoting and explaining our mission, goals, and accomplishments. Feel free to request copies of these items with at least 14 days advance notice of your event date so that we can ensure timely delivery. To obtain these materials, contact our Program Coordinator via email at brizette@glaucoma.org or by phone at 415-986-3162.


Build Your Team

Reach out to family and friends and ask for their help in making your event a success. The more people that are involved, the more the excitement builds!

Determine a Budget

Determine your fundraising goal for this event. Establish expenses for the event and look for possible donations and sources of income.
Download a Sample Budget Sheet - PDF »
Download a Sample Budget Sheet - Excel »

Prepare a Timeline

Put together a timeline from now until the day you mail in your donation. This will help you to keep important tasks organized and ensure that your event planning stays on the track to success.

Spread the Word

Invite everyone! Don't leave anyone out. You would be amazed how many people want to contribute. Be sure to let your attendees know up front what percentage of the proceeds will support Glaucoma Research Foundation.


Invitations: Some helpful e-invitation sites to consider include...

Social Media: We can help you build awareness and excitement by promoting through social media. You can also tag us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Traditional Media: Other ways to get the word out to the public -- Just download these samples and replace the 'placeholder' text with your appropriate information:


Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

Host your event, have fun, and enjoy knowing that you and your community are making a difference!

Collect and Mail Contributions

Within 14 days after your event, gather your proceeds and deliver or send a check made payable to Glaucoma Research Foundation at:

Glaucoma Research Foundation
Attn: Independent Fundraisers
251 Post Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94108

If your attendees would like to send in individual checks in support of your event, be sure that they make their checks payable to "Glaucoma Research Foundation" in order for them to receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

Give Thanks

Send a Thank You Note or e-mail to your donors and participants for contributing to a good cause and helping to advance a cure.

Plan for next year!

Use everything you learned planning this event to make it an even bigger success next year!

For more information, please contact our Development Department via email at development@glaucoma.org or by phone at 415-986-3162.

Last reviewed on December 09, 2020

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