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Historic Campaign Raises $25 Million

On June 30, 2020, thanks to more than 27,500 contributions, Glaucoma Research Foundation reached its goal to raise $25 million to advance innovative research and support essential patient education programs.

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The Harvey DuBiner, MD, Memorial

The Dr. Harvey DuBiner Memorial has been established to support a Glaucoma Research Foundation Shaffer Grant to sponsor a young scientist to follow the path of Harvey’s prolific research career in glaucoma.

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Fundraise for Glaucoma Research

Our bold vision is a future without glaucoma. Currently, there is no cure and vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible. Together we can find the cure. Become an online fundraiser and inspire others to support our mission. You can...

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The Best Charities to Leave Money To: What to Look for When Bequeathing a Legacy

There comes a time when we think about what we will leave behind us. Have we made the world a better place? One way to ensure that is by leaving money to a charitable cause. A bequest or legacy...

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How to Choose a Charity to Support: Three Questions to Guide Your Search

Supporting a charity connects you to something important and allows you to make a real impact for good. Whether it's a grassroots organization in your local community or a global initiative spanning continents, every non-profit needs the support of...

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Shop for a Cause

Do your shopping online and support Glaucoma Research Foundation while you shop with these websites.

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The Cure is in Sight Campaign

The time for our bold vision is now. For this reason, we are launching The Cure is in Sight: The Campaign for Glaucoma Research Foundation.

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The Cure is in Sight Campaign: Stories that Inspire 

We are inviting everyone to join us in our bold vision of a future free of glaucoma. Together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of people with glaucoma.

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Honor and Memorial Gifts

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor someone while supporting important glaucoma research and education programs.

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Personal Story: Pat Rospenda

Pat Rospenda wants to preserve her granddaughter's sight. Brianna has glaucoma.

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