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Questions and Answers: Neovascular Glaucoma

The abnormal formation of new blood vessels on the iris and over the eye’s drainage channels can cause this form of secondary glaucoma. Dr. Sunita Radhakrishnan answers questions about neovascular glaucoma.

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Meditation and Glaucoma

Can mindfulness meditation help patients with glaucoma? A recent study suggests that there may be benefits to eye pressure and optic nerve health by doing meditation on a regular basis. Researchers in India conducted a study among glaucoma patients and found...

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Donor Spotlight: Pat Caulfield

Pat Caulfield was an award-winning kitchen and bath designer for high-end homes in the Baltimore area. She had twenty years of success and loved her job creating beautiful spaces. Then, she had to walk away from it all. “After my...

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Progress Report: Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative

Since 2019, the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative scientists have been working together in search of innovative ways to replace, repair, and protect neuronal elements of the eye-to-brain connection that can be damaged by glaucoma.

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Home IOP Measurements: What they can tell us

Understanding how your IOP (intraocular pressure) changes over time can help you and your doctor feel confident that your glaucoma treatment is working effectively.

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Are You an Open-Angle Glaucoma Suspect?

If you've been told you are a glaucoma suspect, you're in good company — there are several million glaucoma suspects in the United States.

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When You Have Cataracts and Glaucoma

Cataract surgery may be combined with one of several glaucoma surgeries. Your doctor will take a number of important factors into consideration when advising what is best for your eye.

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GRF Holds Catalyst Meeting: Solving Neurodegeneration

Neurodegeneration is a condition common to many diseases, both congenital and age‐related, and to acute injury and trauma. Even as disease prevalence increases, treatments that protect, repair or regenerate neurons and their pathways remain elusive.

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Restoring Vision in Glaucoma: More than Meets the Eye

New strategies are needed to rethink how we treat glaucoma to do more than just manage eye pressure — to actually restore vision by promoting the survival of retinal ganglion cells and their axons.

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Vision Restoration Explained

The Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration research team is exploring and developing novel strategies to protect, repair, and replace lost retinal nerve cells and help them reconnect with the visual brain.

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