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Dry Eyes and Glaucoma: Double Trouble

Dry Eye Syndrome and glaucoma commonly occur together. Patients may have irksome symptoms, but not associate them with dry eye syndrome.

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Blood Pressure and Glaucoma: Questions and Answers

Evidence suggests that low ocular perfusion pressure is a strong risk factor for glaucoma. Ocular perfusion pressure is a complex parameter that can be considered as the difference between the blood pressure and the eye pressure.

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The Quest to Restore Lost Vision and Cure Glaucoma

The Catalyst for a Cure consortium brings together experts in stem cell technologies, neuroprotection, and nerve fiber regeneration to identify novel methods for “reconnecting” the eye and restoring vision.

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First Annual Glaucoma Patient Summit Inspires and Empowers Patients and Caregivers

The event was designed to inspire, inform and educate glaucoma patients and their caregivers, providing a unique forum for learning about the latest treatment options and practical tips for living with glaucoma.

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