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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty: 10 Commonly Asked Questions

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, or SLT, is a form of laser surgery that is used to lower intraocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma.

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2018 Research Grants

Glaucoma Research Foundation awards annual research grants for creative pilot projects that hold promise.

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Genetic Testing in Glaucoma

In primary open-angle glaucoma, close relatives are almost 10 times more likely to develop glaucoma than in the general population, underscoring a strong genetic basis.

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Tips on Transferring Your Eye Care to a New Doctor

You just learned you have to switch insurance plans, you're moving to a new city, or your ophthalmologist is retiring. If you have glaucoma, you're wondering: What will my new doctor need to manage my disease?

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The Cure is in Sight: The Campaign for Glaucoma Research Foundation

In April 2017, Glaucoma Research Foundation publicly launched the Cure is in Sight Campaign. Thanks to more than 13,000 contributions over the past four years, we have exceeded our $15 million goal and raised $16 million to date.

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7th Annual Glaucoma 360 Highlights New Treatments

Glaucoma 360 is a series of three days of annual events uniting research, industry, and philanthropy to prevent vision loss from glaucoma and speed the cure.

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