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Does Blood Pressure Affect Glaucoma?

Blood pressure has an effect on glaucoma, but perhaps not in the way you might think. Dr. Cantor discusses traditional risk factors for glaucoma and other related risk factors including ocular perfusion pressure.

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Collaborative Research is Speeding Progress toward a Cure

When Glaucoma Research Foundation launched Catalyst for a Cure, our bold idea was to recruit the most promising young researchers from different fields to work together collaboratively.

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What is a Visual Field Test?

Your doctor can tailor the type of visual field test to best monitor your disease and adjust treatment appropriately. If your visual field is worsening, it could mean that your eye pressures are too high and further treatment is necessary to lower your pressure.

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Occupational Therapy Training Helps Low Vision Patients

In an attempt to demonstrate that low vision patients have good potential for overcoming vision loss we undertook a study and presented our findings in a paper published at an international vision meeting.

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