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Collaborative Research to Find a Cure

Based on the success of the original Catalyst for a Cure research team, Glaucoma Research Foundation has assembled a second team of investigators to speed the pace of discovery.

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Generous Bequest Advances Glaucoma Research

New York psychologist, Miriam Yelsky, PhD (1920 - 2010) made a generous bequest to advance glaucoma research. To honor this meaningful commitment a Miriam Yelsky Memorial Research Grant will be awarded annually.

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What is Secondary Glaucoma?

Secondary glaucoma refers to any form of glaucoma in which there is an identifiable cause of increased eye pressure, resulting in optic nerve damage and vision loss. This article provides an overview of secondary glaucomas.

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Eye Drop Techniques from Dr. Andrew Iwach

Glaucoma specialist Andrew Iwach, MD shares advice that he gives to his patients for putting in medication eye drops.

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