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Should You Be Smoking Marijuana To Treat Your Glaucoma?

One of the commonly discussed alternatives for the treatment of glaucoma is the smoking of marijuana,which does lower eye pressure. However, marijuana's effect on eye pressure only lasts 3-4 hours, meaning that to lower the eye pressure around the clock would require smoking it 6-8 times a day.

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Can Glaucoma Be Cured?

Until recently, scientists thought it would be impossible ever to restore vision in glaucoma. Since then researchers have accomplished some initial steps.

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Brand Names and Generic Medications

Medications can be confusing. The most common reason for this confusion arises from the different names attached to the same medicine.

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Daily Life with Glaucoma

As long as you are diagnosed early, visit your doctor regularly, and follow your recommended course of treatment, you can continue to live your life fully.

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