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What is Glaucoma? - All Articles


Glaucoma and Reading Ability

Glaucoma is usually described as a disease affecting peripheral vision. So, why would it have any effect on reading, the ultimate task of central vision? Find out in this article by Dr. Pradeep Ramulu.

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Why Retinal Ganglion Cells Are Important in Glaucoma

There are over a million retinal ganglion cells in the human retina. These cells are particularly important in glaucoma because they are the cells that are damaged primarily by the disease.

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Glaucoma Awareness Video with Robert Fechtner, MD

Dr. Robert Fechtner explains glaucoma symptoms and risk factors, and how regular eye exams can help you protect your vision.

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Glaucoma Risk Increases in Families: Spread the Word

One way to reduce vision loss from glaucoma is to make sure your family members understand that they are at increased risk - if you have glaucoma.

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Pigmentary Glaucoma: Answers to Your Questions

Pigment dispersion syndrome is a condition where pigment from the back of the iris (the colored part of the eye) is released and becomes trapped in the drainage system of the eye.

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Glaucoma and Driving Ability

A diagnosis of glaucoma may raise concerns about driving ability. Safe driving requires clear central vision and adequate peripheral vision.

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High Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

There is no specific level of elevated eye pressure that definitely leads to glaucoma; conversely, there is no lower level of IOP that will absolutely eliminate a person's risk of developing glaucoma.

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Understanding Uveitic Glaucoma

Patients with uveitic glaucoma may find their condition difficult to cope with. Thankfully, with modern treatments, many patients are able to maintain excellent vision.

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Do Lifestyle Choices Affect Glaucoma?

Patients with glaucoma want to help themselves and save their sight in any way they can beyond medications and surgery. Some lifestyle choices can modify eye pressure and may influence the risk of developing glaucoma.

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Video: Glaucoma Eye Exams

This short video reviews a variety of glaucoma tests, including ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, pachymetry, gonioscopy, a Visual Fields test, and optic nerve imaging.

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