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Strategic Plan

The Glaucoma Research Foundation Board of Directors and staff regularly review, evaluate and envision the next chapter in the Foundation's mission: to cure glaucoma and restore vision through innovative research.

The current strategic plan and its six strategic imperatives adopted by the Board in 2018 provide a framework for action and will ensure Glaucoma Research Foundation's continued success and accomplishment.

Strategic Imperatives

Following are the strategic imperatives Glaucoma Research Foundation must achieve over the next several years in order to move toward fulfilling its vision and mission.

1. Research

Increase and accelerate innovative research for improved therapies, vision restoration, and a cure.

2. Education & Support

Empower glaucoma patients with information they need to prevent vision loss and improve quality of life. Provide comprehensive, compassionate, accessible, unbiased and accurate information for glaucoma patients.

3. Communication

Inform and engage constituents as well as the general public by communicating the Glaucoma Research Foundation mission, programs, and success. Increase national and international awareness of glaucoma.

4. Philanthropy

Maximize the impact of philanthropic support to fulfill Glaucoma Research Foundation's ambitious research goals and advance educational programs.

5. Board Engagement

Develop board membership to ensure a cadre of enthusiastic advocates who represent various constituencies impacted by glaucoma.

6. Evaluation

Strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Foundation's investments in research, education and support, communication, and board engagement with metrics reported regularly to the board.


For a complete copy of the Strategic Plan, please contact Nancy Graydon, Executive Director of Development and Chief Operating Officer.

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