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>> Read our 2018 Annual Report

Our Mission is to cure glaucoma and restore vision through innovative research.

Glaucoma Research Foundation was established in San Francisco 40 years ago to advance sight-saving research and provide essential education to patients. Over the years we have funded multiple collaborative research programs that have significantly impacted the field of glaucoma research. Now as we investigate innovative ways to restore vision lost to glaucoma, we're confident that we are closer than ever to a cure.

To Our Supporters and Partners

Thank you! This year we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary at Glaucoma Research Foundation. With support from our donors, we have led the way in glaucoma research since 1978. Our grants have launched inspired careers leading to important discoveries, and our innovative research collaborations have delivered results leading to new understandings and treatments. Our educational programs have helped countless glaucoma patients understand their condition and treatment options.

We celebrate this 40-year milestone knowing that we have made great strides and also knowing that there is much more work to be done. To achieve our mission to cure glaucoma and restore vision through innovative research, we have assembled an elite Scientific Advisory Board to lead our next Catalyst for a Cure collaboration focused on Vision Restoration. We are excited to announce that this new research initiative will launch in 2019.

The Cure is in Sight Campaign update: We are equally excited to announce that, with your generous contributions, we surpassed our initial Campaign goal of $15 million and we've extended the Campaign with a new goal to raise $25 million by 2020. The additional capital will help fund implementation of the new strategic plan and collaborative research including the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative.

Innovate. Collaborate. Educate. These are the pillars that guide everything we do: from our annual Glaucoma 360 events to our multi-year, multi-disciplinary research collaborations, to our Website that serves 4 million visitors every year with the essential information and resources they need. Your continued partnership in these endeavors will help to realize our bold vision for a future without glaucoma.


Andrew G. Iwach, MD
Board Chair

Thomas M. Brunner
President and CEO

>> View and Download the Glaucoma Research Foundation 2018 Annual Report

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