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Message from the Board Chair and President

At Glaucoma Research Foundation, our mission is to prevent vision loss from glaucoma by investing in innovative research, education, and support with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

Our Foundation was founded in 1978 in San Francisco by three visionary glaucoma specialists who wanted to encourage innovative research to find better ways to care for people with glaucoma — the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness. Since then, we have funded successful collaborative research programs, leading the way in glaucoma research until a cure is found.

Through outstanding philanthropic support including generous contributions to The Cure is in Sight Campaign, this year a record $5.6 million was invested in our innovative research and education programs. The Catalyst for a Cure team made remarkable progress toward their research goals, and Glaucoma Research Foundation earned the highest 4-star “exceptional” rating from independent evaluator Charity Navigator.

Celebrating Support, Collaboration, and Discovery

In this report, we explore the important core values behind our work at Glaucoma Research Foundation. Educational support for patients who struggle each day with difficulties from glaucoma; collaboration required to bring innovative research from the lab to the clinic; and investment in scientific discovery necessary to realize our vision of a world free from glaucoma.

About Our Campaign

Currently, vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible. There is no cure, and everyone is at risk. If we act now, we have the potential to preserve sight and change lives. For this reason, we launched The Cure is in Sight Campaign, with the goal to raise $15 million by June 2018. This campaign is reinforcing our mission, strengthening education and support efforts, and making possible great strides in scientific discovery.

What's Next

Looking forward, we see real potential for important breakthroughs in glaucoma research and new developments to revolutionize the diagnosis, treatment, and management of this disease. Our annual Glaucoma 360 events are bringing together bright minds and innovators to improve the lives of patients, and our Campaign is inspiring those most affected by glaucoma to become part of the solution as we work to speed the cure.

Thank you for your ongoing support and continued partnership.


Andrew G. Iwach, MD
Board Chair

Thomas M. Brunner
President and CEO

>> View and Download the Glaucoma Research Foundation 2017 Annual Report

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