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GRF Ambassadors

The GRF Ambassadors are a national leadership group of eye doctors dedicated to improving access to educational materials for all glaucoma patients.

GRF Ambassadors are advocates for patient education, assist with the development of educational materials, and make patient education a key component within their practice.

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Educational publications available from Glaucoma Research Foundation include:
  • Understanding And Living With Glaucoma - A comprehensive booklet for patients newly diagnosed with glaucoma - Download in PDF format
  • Childhood Glaucoma - Reference guide for parents and professionals involved in the care of children with glaucoma. - Download in PDF format

The value of patient education can be summarized as:

  • Improved understanding of one's medical condition, diagnosis, and disease
  • Improved understanding of methods and means to manage multiple aspects of glaucoma
  • Improved self-advocacy when working in cooperation with one's doctor
  • Increased Compliance — effective communication and patient education increases patient motivation to comply
  • Patient Outcomes — patients more likely to respond well to their treatment plan with fewer complications
  • Informed Consent — patients feel the doctor has provided the information they need
  • Satisfaction and referrals — patients more likely to stay with the doctor's practice and refer other patients

GRF Ambassadors


Andrew Prince, MD

Andrew Prince, MD — Chairman
New York, New York

Stuart F. Ball, MD
Mobile, Alabama


Robert J. Barnes, MD
Glen Ellyn, Illinois


Sahar Bedrood, MD, PhD
Pasadena, California


Michael S. Berlin, MD
Beverly Hills, California


Kathryn Bollinger, MD
Augusta, Georgia


Steven V.L. Brown, MD, FACS
Glenview, Illinois


Dean Carlson, MD
Colorado Springs, Colorado


John S. Cohen, MD
Cincinnati, Ohio


E. Randy Craven, MD
Baltimore, Maryland


Rachel Davis, MD, MS
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Robert J. Derick, MD
Dublin, Ohio


Amish Doshi, MD
Antioch, California


Doreen Fazio, MD
Van Nuys, California


Robert Feldman, MD
Houston, Texas


Laura C. Fine, MD
Boston, Mass.


Gloria P. Fleming, MD
Columbus, Ohio

Kathryn B. Freidl, MD

Jacksonville, Florida

Annette L. Giangiacomo, MD

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


David Gilbert, MD
Walnut Creek, California


Madhu S. Gorla, MD
Glenview, Illinois


Linda Greff, MD
Cincinnati, Ohio


Davinder Grover, MD, MPH
Dallas, Texas


Agnes Huang, MD
Seattle, Washington


Andrew G. Iwach, MD
San Francisco, California


Dan Jewelewicz, MD
Delray Beach, Florida


Martin B. Kaback, MD
Slingerlands, New York


L. Jay Katz, MD
Philadelphia, Penn.


Anup Khatana, MD
Cincinnati, Ohio


Douglas Kohl, MD
Boca Raton, Florida


Michael S. Korey, MD
Chicago, Illinois


Rohit Krishna, MD
Overland Park, Kansas


Rishi Kumar, MD
Louisville, Kentucky


Mark A. Latina, MD
Reading, Mass.


Linda Lawrence, MD
Salina, Kansas


Richard Lehrer, MD
Alliance, Ohio


Shan Lin, MD
San Francisco, California


Charles McMahon, MD
Parker, Colorado


Anne Miller, MD
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Johann Ohly, MD
Kansas City, Missouri


Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE
Norfolk, Virginia


David J. Palmer, MD
Chicago, Illinois


Cindy Penzler, MD
Topeka, Kansas


Terri-Diann Pickering, MD
San Francisco, California


James Plotnik, MD, FACS
Scottsdale, Arizona


Andrew Rabinowitz, MD
Phoenix, Arizona


Sunita Radhakrishnan, MD
San Francisco, California


George Reiss, MD
Glendale, Arizona


David D. Richardson, MD
San Marino, California


Michael Sakamoto, MD
Sacramento, California


Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS
Boston, Massachusetts


Thomas W. Samuelson, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Keith Sanford, MD
San Antonio, Texas


Sonja W. Schluter, MD, MPH
Sonoma, California


Bradley Schuster, MD
Denver, Colorado


Arthur L. Schwartz MD
Chevy Chase, Maryland


Donald Schwartz, MD
Long Beach, CA


Gail F. Schwartz, MD
Baltimore, Maryland


My Le Shaw, MD
Fenton, Michigan


Rajesh Shetty, MD
Jacksonville, Florida


Charles Eric Shrader, MD
Wichita, Kansas


Inder Paul Singh, MD
Racine & Kenosha, Wisconsin


Oluwatosin "Tosin" Smith, MD
Dallas, Texas


Michael Stiles, MD
Overland Park, Kansas


Shigemi Sugiki, MD
Honolulu, Hawaii


Thomas Tayeri, MD
Palo Alto, California


Zak Vest, MD
Englewood, Colorado


Steven Vold, MD
Fayetteville, Arkansas


Brian Welcome, MD
Greenville, South Carolina


Mark Werner, MD
Delray Beach, Florida


Ruth Williams, MD
Wheaton, Illinois


Jeffrey Zink, MD
Cincinnati, Ohio



Ambassadors Emeritus

William E. Layden, MD

Tampa, FL (retired)

Richard A. Lewis, MD
Sacramento, California


Steve Litinsky, MD
Delray Beach, FL (retired)


Carl V. Migliazzo, MD

Overland Park, KS (retired)


Kevin Miller, MD

Las Vegas, NV (retired)


Kuldev Singh, MD, MPH

Stanford University



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