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What is MIGS?

MIGS has become a commonly used abbreviation in the glaucoma world. It stands for Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery. The goal of all glaucoma surgery is to lower eye pressure to prevent or reduce damage to the optic nerve.

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Video: Dr. Yvonne Ou on Lifestyle Modifications and Glaucoma

In this video interview, Dr. Yvonne Ou talks about glaucoma and lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, yoga, and acupuncture.

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Laser Iridotomy: 10 Commonly Asked Questions

Laser peripheral iridotomy is the standard first-line treatment in closed angle glaucoma and eyes at risk for this condition. It has been used since 1984 both as treatment and prevention of the disease.

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Gonioscopy: What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

Gonioscopy is performed during a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate the internal drainage system of the eye.

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Can I Have Laser Vision Correction?

The most common refractive surgery in the United States is LASIK. Although it is rare to develop glaucoma as a result of LASIK, individuals who are at risk of glaucoma, or have glaucoma, require special considerations before, during, and after surgery.

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Video: Dry Eye Treatment

This video provides a brief overview of common dry eye treatments, including artificial tear drops, blocking the drainage canal, and prescription steroids.

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Video: Laser Iridotomy

This video provides a brief introduction to laser iridotomy for treating narrow-angle glaucoma.

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What is a Visual Field Test?

Your doctor can tailor the type of visual field test to best monitor your disease and adjust treatment appropriately. If your visual field is worsening, it could mean that your eye pressures are too high and further treatment is necessary to lower your pressure.

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Occupational Therapy Training Helps Low Vision Patients

In an attempt to demonstrate that low vision patients have good potential for overcoming vision loss we undertook a study and presented our findings in a paper published at an international vision meeting.

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Global Collaborations and Improving Glaucoma Care

Alan L. Robin, MD talked with us about the topic of the Robert N. Shaffer Lecture he delivered at a recent American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in Chicago.

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