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Dr. Andrew Huberman: Curing Blindness is "A Call to Arms" (Video)

Dr. Andrew Huberman is fascinated by vision as a property of the brain, and he is dedicated to finding new ways to prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

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Jasmyn Polite: My Battle with Glaucoma

When I was nine, I received some news that changed my life forever; I was diagnosed with glaucoma.

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Danielle Fiarito: A Story of Hope and Inspiration

When we first heard from Danielle, she was a teenager coping bravely with her disease. Now she's 22 and a recent college graduate.

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Janette Marquez: The Voice That Illuminates (Video)

Janette is legally blind from congenital glaucoma, but she has a gifted voice that inspires all who hear her sing.

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Personal Story: Amanda Eddy

Amanda was born with glaucoma. Now she is passionate about helping to raise awareness about glaucoma.

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Personal Story: Jenny Eisenberger

Jenny Eisenberger was experiencing headaches and blurry vision: "Glaucoma can happen to anyone, at any age," she says.

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Personal Story: Alex LeClair

In 2010, Alex was a sophomore and an active member of her high school field hockey and softball teams. One day, following a routine eye exam, Alex received the devastating news that she had glaucoma.

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Personal Story: Tracy Hammond

Tracy Hammond had his first eye surgery when he was just three weeks old; now 39, Tracy's vision struggles continue, yet he remains optimistic because he knows researchers are working on better treatments and a cure for glaucoma.

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Personal Story: Christopher Wilmoth

Imagine looking into your 7-month-old baby’s eyes as a doctor says: It’s glaucoma. This is what happened to Charlie and Cathy Wilmoth.

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Hannah's Story

Hannah was diagnosed with glaucoma just a few months after she was born. Now she wants to make a difference and make people more aware of childhood glaucoma and its impact.

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