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Our Website Sponsors

A special "thank you" to our website sponsors.

We appreciate support from corporations and foundations who believe in our mission to educate glaucoma patients and speed a cure. Sponsor opinions are not reflected on our website.


Allergan, Inc.

With a 60 year heritage in discovering and developing therapeutic agents to help protect and preserve vision, eye care professionals and patients rely on Allergan products to treat a variety of eye conditions. Allergan is a leader in this area and one of the fastest-growing eye care companies worldwide. Website: allergan.com


Eyemaginations, Inc.

Eyemaginations, Inc. is a healthcare media company focused on solutions that support professionals, patients and corporations in communicating and understanding complex medical topics. The company’s in-depth experience with animation, design and software has enabled Eyemaginations to create integrated systems that provide clear and concise education solutions. Website: eyemaginations.com

Last reviewed on January 06, 2015

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